Adidas sneakers will always boil down to being either a) gym shoes for running, basketball, tennis or a myriad of other activities or b) a lifestyle sneaker that transcends your idea of what a sneaker could be. The Adidas EQT line embodied all of these sensibilities.

In the early 90s, Adidas was fighting an uphill battle to remain culturally relevant and through this turmoil it created one of the greatest sneaker lines of all time. This two part documentary details the historical impact and creative process of line creator Peter Moore and its importance to sneakerheads worldwide with heads Jesse Villanueva (Alife), Gary Aspden, Shigeyuki Kunii (MITA) and many more. The phrase cult classic gets thrown around so much in sneakers that its lost its luster but the EQT line is one of the few that have earned that title.