When he isn’t calling out rappers or ruffling feathers of those bringing light to certain situations via Twitter, Childish Gambino is making music. The flow may sound like a high number of different artists but the wit and timing is still that of a comedian. And “Candler Road”, a released in the middle of the night style leak is just that.

“Candler Road” feels like any number of recent shit-talking moments crafted by other rappers, some decent punchlines mixed in with standard affair one liners. The only true difference here is that Gambino rides his first trap beat until the wheels begin to buckle. Then, “Candler Road” morphs into something far more downtempo, where he can continue to get shit off of his chest.

We’re not going to call “Candler Road” the best of CG or even the worst. It may fall somewhere in the middle, passing solely from an attention to singing and detail on the second half more than the raps contained on the first.