Chris Brown could vow a few things. He could vow to tell us he may have the most loyal fan base in music (which would be true). He could vow to be faithful to women like Rihanna, Karruche, whatever chick he may have ran into at 1 Oak or any trendy club in Los Angeles. Vowing to stay out of jail and remain clean, that’s another one. Chris Brown and his X album may be the best of his career and for introspective moments like the title track, he may have another hit on his hands.

“X” in this sense is dealing with Brown’s love life, that much public side of him where anything and everything has spiraled out of control at times. Every week he’s seemingly with or not with someone and Team Breezy is on the case, snooping around trying to figure out who’s in his bed now. If those women love it, then the radio will to. Which means we may get blasted with “X” all damn Fall and Winter.