Lupe Fiasco and Atlantic Records, for reasons that have become pretty damn public don’t necessarily see eye to eye about anything. Fiasco has been vocal about this ever since his third album, the one that wasn’t supposed to be LASERS got shelved and he immediately began phoning stuff in. He was supposed to be one of the greats as Food & Liquor & The Cool represented but ever since that rookie and sophomore follow-up, Lu just hasn’t been the same.

And we know it. And he knows it as well. So, despite not entirely being his fault, Lupe went on Torae’s The Tor Guide show on SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation channel on SiriusXM and laid all of the blame squarely at the feet of Atlantic Records. When Torae asked Lu about his treatment at the label, Fiasco could only respond as honest as he could.

“Bad, to keep it a thousand. I can’t wait to get off. Even with that said, I’m coming with the biggest records of my career over the next two albums just to set myself up for that post-Atlantic Records career. I’ve had a very interesting run for various reasons. I don’t even think about it anymore. I just go ahead. I rock with my homies at the label who are my homies, but that executive level don’t fuck with your boy too heavy.”

He then goes on to explain how LASERS, like we all knew was the beginning of the end.

“I don’t have a 360 deal. Since they can’t eat off my merchandise or my publishing or my touring they treat me like a third-class citizen up there. I paid the price for that.”

“I got my deal in like 2005, so that was when they were still trying to make that thing happen. By the time I got to my second album, The Cool, they really had it in place. I didn’t want to have to do it. They tried to negotiate it with me, it’s just, the money wasn’t right. It just wasn’t right. And we were like, ‘Nah.’ Then they were like, ‘Well, if you don’t sign this 360 deal we can’t guarantee we’re gonna promote your records.’ I was like above a Wiz Khalifa or B.O.B., like, ‘You gon’ be down in the basement.’ It’s like, ‘Alright.’ We just roll with it. Then we come with the hits, we come with our Grammy nominations. We still keep it going in the midst of that.”

For whatever reason, this new tactic employed by rappers to tell us their albums are going to suck isn’t going over so well. After all, Wiz Khalifa warned us about Blacc Hollywood and look how that turned out? Now we’ve got to deal with Tetsuo & Youth down the road and while Lupe promises it’ll be ratchet, you just hope one day he can reach back into that bag of tricks of his and give us something to believe in again.