Don Lemon hasn’t earned many friends on social media. He hasn’t gotten much out of his gig at CNN outside of a few side-eyes from those in the know and a ton of snob tactics he’s chosen to employ on some “holier than thou” approach when it comes to black relations in America. When you agree with the far right on matters of Black people in America, you know you’ve easily pissed off a large section of people who know good and damn well it’s never right to agree with the far right on Black anything in this country. Including black pepper.

The two common threads Lemon and Talib Kweli have are that A) they’re black men and B) both of them happened to be in Ferguson this week to see first hand what is going on in a city that has become ground zero for race relations, police militarization and more. Kweli has never been one to pull punches even if his Twitter persona has been accused of being overly preachy at times but celebrated for never backing down and holding on to his key points. He’s been one of the few rappers around who haven’t caved into fully to commercialized politics or kept his mouth closed on certain topics. Like Ferguson for example.

Naturally, Don Lemon & Talib Kweli met one another on the streets of Ferguson for a CNN interview. And as you can expect from their given stances on a few things, things went from bad to worse, real quick. Kweli calls out CNN for misreporting what’s really going on in Ferguson and how Lemon didn’t request the interview with him, his producer did. Lemon keeps trying to avoid his producers from cutting the interview which they should have done but the damage is already done. At this point, nobody truly wins because it’s seen as two black guys shouting and arguing at one another, even if Kweli (and to an extent Lemon’s) points were solid and correct.