This, above any other may be my favorite image of Gucci Mane. It’s quite a shame because I won’t have another favorite to question for another two full years and change. After that string of erratic behavior that yielded arrests for two separate firearms, Gucci plead guilty to his crimes in September 2013 and finally got sentenced today.

Per the AJC, Radic was sentenced to 39 months in federal prison for his weapons charges. Despite serving 11 months already waiting to learn his fate, once he’s released in 2016, he still has 3 years of probation to deal with. Considering he was facing a full 20 years? GuWop might have gotten a victory here.

Thing is, Gucci wants to be taken out of Atlanta and its “influences” and transferred to the West Coast. It may not necessarily do him good considering how medical weed is legal in California and his parole officer might have a fit with how often his piss tests come back negative. But, if there’s ever a silver lining for a man like Gucci Mane La Flare, it’s that the judge at least smiles upon him.

“Young people – my nieces and nephews – tell me you are quite cool,” US District Court Judge Steve Jones told Gucci. I’m sure he’ll be included in the liner notes of Gucci’s reported EIGHT albums still slated to arrive in 2014.