Chick-Fil-A already has risen above McDonald’s to become America’ favorite fast-food restaurant. Now they’re taking a small step for foodie mankind by unveiling six new items to be included on their breakfast menu.

While the fast food giant remains closed on Sundays, Chick-fil-a is making an effort to appease customers with its new additions. The new items include cinnamon swirls, a maple waffle, chicken & waffles, an egg white chicken grill, greek yogurt parfait, and multi grain oatmeal with fresh fruit.


Nutritional facts aside I’m only here for the chicken & waffle entree let’s be honest. The paired items have proven to be in popular demand as many speciality and gourmet restaurants across the nation have added some variation of chicken & waffles to their menus. While the dish has increased its popularity in recent years it has been an American soul food tradition for decades. To add to it’s awesomeness the dish can be eaten at any time of the day making it a triple threat in the food and beverage industry.

Chick-Fil-A’s maple waffle features a sugar crunch topping with maple syrup baked inside which eliminates the sticky mess from additional syrup. The waffle which appears to be palm size via the chain’s website doesn’t look very appetizing but of course looks can be deceiving. The items will only be offered for a limited time and what’s worse only a select few will be able to stunt for the gram as it will only be offered at locations in Memphis, TN, Middle Georgia, Inland Empire, CA, and Greater Philadelphia.

Before resentment begins to resurface I hope the marketing and product development hats over at Chick-Fil-A come together to enact Chicken & Waffles for all! If we all can’t enjoy fried chicken and sweet waffles then what’s really the point people.