Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Let’s take this time now to give thanks to Onika Maraj. If Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” was an introductory course of “NoAssAtAll 101” yesterday, then consider the visuals for Nicki Minaj’s newest single, “Anaconda,” the complete opposite – a crash course in an abundance of cakes that Sir Mix-A-Lot himself would have teared up to witness.

Sure, the product placement is a bit excessive (with appearances from pink Beats Pill speakers and Myx liquor), but it’s worth it to witness director Colin Tilley portray Nicki as queen of the big-bootied Amazons in the jungle and lead a workout class while she’s stripped down to a pink bra and panties. The .gifs of Nicki bent forward as her ass jiggles in the background are sure to come in the next few hours.

But it’s what happens after the 3:23 mark that people will remember most. That’s where Drake gets an opportunity to circumvent that whole “this my brother” moment on Nicki’s Instagram, as Nicki gives him the most ass-bouncing-est not quite lap-dance ever. The Light Skinned Coalition was never prouder of Aubrey than when he beheld with both eyes and hands Nicki’s cakes… though detractors will say if he was real, he woulda slapped that ass one time. Whatever.

Nicki Minaj’s The Pink Print, on which “Anaconda” appears, is slated to drop before the end of ’14.