The story around Yves of The Niceguys’ EP broke down into two simple narratives. The first being a man with plenty on his mind who felt the need to express that through different sections of production that felt like grimy NYC and dashes of a bleak future. The second being someone who’s dealt with death of close friends, his own hazy nights and tried to keep track of it all.

The six track EP now has another dimension to it. With the added help of OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick, Yves’ EP now gets bathed in a purple cauldron where thoughts get extrapolated to select chops and timing. “Juice” loves distortion, “Ultraviolence” waxes and wanes on carrying more than one meaning. Hell these are all moments to remind people why it was the best EP at the halfway mark of the year locally. So why not enjoy Yves in a different hue?