If you haven’t caught it yet, Taylor Swift has a new video for “Shake It Off”, the first single from her upcoming 1989 album. There’s plenty of things in it which are absolutely Swift, namely colorful shots of her frolicking and having fun and then there are the other shots of the video in which Swift, without even a second guess from her label or even herself is dressed in old school jump suit hip-hop garb as well as new aged wardrobe, twerking with a group of dancers in an attempt to be cute. Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Swift’s video has been seen already over one million times since its debut on Monday afternoon and it’s gotten plenty of rancor from hip-hop heads and regulars who question the actions of culture vultures and cultural appropriators on a daily basis. Leave it to Earl Sweatshirt to sum up everyone’s feelings in a series of three tweets late Monday night.