A drive to The Woodlands has never truly been about fun. Well, unless you have trap music to hold you over until then. So on a Friday night, with little else but my own thoughts and a need to escape the news of Ferguson, race relation, tension and angst to hit the Under The Influence Of Music tour helmed by Wiz Khalifa.

This tour and its entirety has been a vehicle for Wiz to promote his stoner message, the kind of live free and leave a beautiful tattooed corpse if need be. Khalifa on stage has evolved these past five or so years he’s been a thing, someone who used to bounce around with Jasmine Solano as his tour DJ inside of bars at SXSW to performing in pavilions such as Cynthia Woods and the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Under The Influence Of Music might have called its main star Wiz Khalifa but the one who truly determined himself a rock star was Jeezy. Am I a Jeezy fan more than that of Khalifa? True, because just as soon as I bought into Khalifa when his star brightened around Flight School, Burn After Rolling and most importantly How Fly and Kush & OJ, I slowly began backing away when “Black & Yellow” made him an international name. So Jeezy continued keeping things normal on Friday night. He wasn’t in his “RIP Michael Brown” t-shirt as he had been on Monday night in St. Louis. Nope, back to the Snow T-Shirt, the Thug Motivation 101 era raps and more. It would have been great to close out the night with Jeezy performing “Seen It All” as opposed to Wiz gyrating and playing awkward sex symbol during cuts like “Incense” and “We Dem Boyz” but beggars can’t be choosers.

Elsewhere on the bill, Mack Wilds played up the audience with his youthful charm and penchant for ’90s R&B crooning, Ty Dolla $ign damn near incited a ratchet riot when he asked if the ladies in the crowd would give him some sex “or nah”, IAMSU! and Sage the Gemini went to the Bay one time and Rich Homie Quan played up to his “Lifestyle” and made us all know that 12 wasn’t welcome around his way.

To see more of the Under The Influence Of Music Tour, see the photo gallery below including photos from Grant Tucker of SCKNOWS & @GregNoire who shot for YouHeardThatNew.






All photos except for those in black and white shot by Grant Tucker. Black and white photos shot by Greg Noire.