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With the recent celebration of Hulk Hogan’s birthday and the reunion of the controversial NWO group on this weeks episode of Monday Night Raw, a question has been brought to my attention that readers are eager to know. If the WWE decides to revise and create a new NWO, which WWE superstar should grace the black and white colors? After hours of researching WWE Superstars on the current roster and consulting with my Day and a Dream staff, I have chosen 5 superstars that could not only walk in the shoes of this historic brand, but also open a new chapter in the franchise and creating a impactful experience for the audience enjoyment, if the WWE spins it in the way I have come up with. Shall we begin?

John Cena


The most obvious choice of course. John Cena is in need of some serious re-branding. Though the loud color ways, and the never give up attitude is still holding some kind of a shape. The audience is beginning to fade on this “Good Guy” image that he has been holding onto for almost 10 years. To the writers and the chairmen of WWE, give the people what they want and this is exactly how it could be done. John is currently the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and will face Brock Lesnar at the Summerslam pay-per-view. With the authority now backing the beast, this is the perfect time for John to be screwed out his title. With the audience already divided, the cheer of John loosing the title sets him off swirling him into a loosing spiral until the road of Wrestlemania 31 where he snaps and history repeats itself. Like the legendary Hulk Hogan turning at WCW’s Bash of the Beach, what better way to turn than at the grandest stage of them all. And this is how.

Currently, Roman Reigns has been dominated as a singles competitor. As the year continues to play out he will most likely be placed back into the title run at the beginning of the year by winning the 2015 Royal Rumble. Keeping Brock champion until the Elimination Chamber and loosing the title to John Cena, Brock will invoke his rematch clause for Wrestlemania 31 making it a triple threat match. This will set the stage as you have three power houses who will no doubt display their strengths. Superman punches, F5’s at a moments notice and Attitude Adjustment out of nowhere, this would already has the makings for a great match. But rather than the usual Attitude Adjustment and capitalizing for the victory, John Cena brings back an old friend in his word life chain and knocks out both Reigns and Lesnar to retain the title. Of course people will wonder what the hell is going on as he explains himself on Raw the following night. John doesn’t say much, but allows the audience and the locker room to know that thing is gonna change around the WWE. More and more John will continue to display this heel image until he is one day called out by Hulk Hogan to come to the ring. In doing so John delivers an Attitude Adjustment to Hogan and stands over his body as the NWO them song hits, John reveals the NWO shirt under his current attire and Raw goes off. Revealing that he has revised the NWO colors, John drops his first name and goes by “Cena,” rocking camouflage shorts and the NWO shirt. No other gimmicks, just a wrestler looking for a fight and wont let anything stand in his way.

Daniel Bryan

NWO daniel Bryan

With Daniel Bryan sideline due to surgery, the challenging road that he faced to become champion will most likely be waiting for him when he returns. The Authority will make Daniel start from the bottom to be put back into the title run and will continue to screw him each and every time with handicap matches, no DQ, and anything they can throw at him to keep him from his goal. Beginning to grow frustrated Cena begins to place a bug in Daniels ear stating this phrase to Daniel over and over again, “When is enough, enough?” This will begin to register with Daniel as he continues his loosing streak. Soon enough it will be revealed that Daniel Bryan has joined the NWO as Cena comes to the ring during one of Daniel’s matches to even up the score. Dawning the black and white colors, the finger raising YES! chant will turn into the finger raising N-W-O! chant.

Dolph Ziggler

NWO Ziggler

Hands down the next to carry this company into the new generation, Dolph definitely needs to tie himself into historic factions and make big waves if he is going to do so. NWO is an obvious choice. It doesn’t have to be anything major that makes him join. It can be simple as after winning a match, Cena heads to the ring and tosses Ziggler a NWO shirt. Opening the shirt and allowing the crowd to see decides whether or not Dolph will join. I’m cant speak for everyone, but you can count on me cheering from my seat to join. Thus putting on the shirt and making history for his career in the WWE.

The Usos

NWO Wallpaper01
This by far would be the most shocking of Superstars to join the franchise, but would be so perfect. The Usos have be on quite the roll as the tag champ and the NWO would see them as an asset to have in the franchise. And with the Usos attitude they will most likely cross paths with the Authority making it even more relevant to join the group. With the black and white face paint and crew behind them, this would keep the Usos momentum going. And their signature chant would go from “When I say UCE, y’all say O” to “N-W-UCE-O!”

And with that Ladies and Gentleman you have NWO 2.0 in full affect. Please let us know what you think about this, and if this come to light, well hopefully ill be getting a call for the WWE writing team to come in for a meeting. Hint, hint.