Leave it to Jeezy superfan Jay Bilas to debut The Snowman’s newest collaboration. Bilas revealed on Twitter the existence of “Beautiful”, a guitar and choral elegant cut featuring The Game & Rick Ross where things that are material like condos, watches, women and things are watch catches Jeezy’s eye.

Whatever beef he and Rick Ross had for all those years, that’s pretty much dead and buried at this point. Ross bookends the track with the third verse, peddling more dope boy gone big time rhymes while Game drives through parts of Georgia, reminiscing on fallen rapper Camoflague and Jeezy being Jeezy. Frankly, Jeezy & Ross always made for good bedfellows on wax, “War Ready” aside since that particular song was more about the event of the two back together on good terms as opposed to actual music. The low-tempo produced track is off of Jeezy’s upcoming Seen It All: The Autobiography album due out on September 2nd.

Jeezy – ‘Seen It All: The Autobiography’ Tracklist

01. “Block”

02. “What You Say”

03. “Black Eskimo”

04. “Enough”

05. “Holy Ghost”

06. “Me OK”

07. “4 Zones”

08. “Addicted” (Feat. T.I. & YG)

09. “Fuck The World”

10. “Seen It All” (Feat. JAY Z)

11. “Win Is A Win”

12. “Beautiful” (Feat. Rick Ross & Game)

13. “Beez Like” (Feat. Lil’ Boosie)

14. “No Tears” (Feat. Future)

15. “Perfection”

16. “Shady Life” (Feat. Kelly Rowland) (Bonus Track)

17. “Been Getting Money” (Feat. Akon) (Bonus Track)