Since officially launching in 2013, the E.A.T. (Elevate at All Times) Program has made impressive strides in their quest to ensure that student athletes are celebrated for their accomplishments both on and off the field; and on August 9th the organization continued this initiative with the presentation of their second annual back to school picnic.

Held once again at Eldridge Park, the event boasted free school supplies, immunizations, haircuts and giveaways, which directly benefited the Fort Bend Women’s Center as well as Central Care Houston. Notable guests included the Houston Dynamo who also attended last year’s event.

Founded by Houston native Nate Agbetola, E.A.T.’s goal is simple; utilize special events and curriculum to cultivate student athletes into productive members of their communities, and so far it seems to be working. With a tutoring program slated to debut this Fall and talks of a facility in the works, the program has quickly gained steam amongst local schools and organizations as an alternative option for parents that want their children to excel both in sports and academically.


Explains Elmo, “It feels good to be able to give back, people always think you have to reach some type of status before you are able to give to your community, but in reality you can bring the people with you.” He adds, “Our goal is to make sure these kids are excelling in the classroom and in the community.”

For additional information: http://elevateatalltimes.org/

Ed. Note: This article was edited to correct the attribution of E.A.T.’s founding.

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