A.Dd+ knows Dallas. They know they don’t really need any sort of introduction state wide. They’ve garnered enough big mag appearances and acclaim to the point where their shows, usually held at the Granada Theater are the stuff of legend. Last year the duo of Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy released DiveHiFlyLo, another landmark release for the city and another feather in their funkadelic southern friend rap careers. So why even bother creating NAWF, a 5-track EP that happens to highlight that swath of land where Big Mama’s Chicken & Waffles is a centerpiece?

“We really just wanted to paint the picture where we come from, because this is kind of like us reintroducing ourselves to the industry, and first we want to let ’em know where we come from, before we get all creative on ’em,” Slim told the Dallas Observer.

It makes some sense. Dallas, musically still have bits of segregation to it. There’s the constant quarrel of those who participate in it that believe “unity” will link everything together and push the city to the moon and back. There’s no succinct answer though. Just the music. You could argue Sam Lao may be best suited to breakthrough due to her female stature and talent but as it has been documented before — there’s Dallas hip-hop and then there’s A.Dd+, who’ve held the crown since the original incarnation of Sore Losers split.

NAWF is funky, a mixture of Dallas’ gold tooth and scruff and Atlanta’s wide-eyed spacious thought. WLPWR, noted producer for Ryatt Fenix and YelaWolf to name a few scored three of the cuts on the 5-track EP including “O.T.P” featuring former Purple Ribbon singer Scar, a laid back slap of wanting the sweet taste out of town sex. From the moment “Innisho” kicks up from the opening riffs of Ice Cube’s “Friday”, A.Dd+ is all about the bounce first, the grit second and the personal third. Paris even allows bit of his own story to seep out on “Put You On This Game”, spitting bars about his 22-year old younger brother who’s been locked up since he was 15. The more relatable A.Dd+ may seem as people to certain listeners, the more they’re going to grow.

They’ve already been compared to OutKast until the sun goes down. Now it’s time for the NAWF to rise again. Purchase NAWF on iTunes and stream the EP via Spotify below.