In 1994, the seeds of Souls Of Mischief’s “Panic Struck” was born.

After a party, the foursome of Tajai, A-Plus, Opio & Phesto were encountered by a man in a ski mask who told them to lay on the ground. A shot rang off, nearly hitting group associate Domino but no one was hurt. When detailing this story for their upcoming concept album There Is Only Now, the group sat with producer Adrian Younge and brainstormed. The major difference here in the story is Tajai is kidnapped and the story of getting him back is told over a layer of flutes, and samples of Freddie Hubbard’s jazzy “Red Clay” trumpeting. The sound of There Is Only Now, their concept album produced entirely by Younge harks back to the days when ’93 Til Infinity leapt out of Bay Area sonics and became a paramount piece of listening for any backpacker or oddball who didn’t adhere to a gangsta lifestyle.

“That type of stuff happens a lot out here, unfortunately,” Tajai told The Wall Street Journal who premiered the song. “The emotional charge of situations like that, you can kind of get used to it.”

“Panic Struck” appears alongside other There Is Only Now songs featuring Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and more. The group’s album arrives on August 26th.

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