Doja Cat - PURRR_cover

If you took a listen to DJ Kitty Cash’s recent Love The Free II mixtape, which we posted up earlier this week, then your ears were likely introduced to singer/lyricist Doja Cat. Doja Cat’s “No Police” track was one of the obvious standouts on Love The Free II, a simmering four-minute slow burner propelled forward by horns and the soulful twang of a guitar for Doja’s seductive voice to go to work on.

It turns out that Doja Cat released an EP of her own, PURRR!, earlier this week; and apparently “No Police” was just the tip of the iceberg as to what the artist is capable of cooking up. The EP is available for purchase now but Doja Cat took to soundcloud to enable fans and listeners alike to preview a free stream of the project.

Bearing only five tracks and featuring production from the likes of Iman Omari (on the EP’s solid, slightly hip-hop flavored intro “Beautiful”), Dream Koala, and Evil Needle, amnogst others, PURRR! ends up sounding like it lasts a lot longer than its nineteen minute length. That’s probably because Doja Cat infuses every track with soul and emotion, creating a sort of experimental R&B that’ll likely leave you wanting more from the artist long after its pop-rock outro “Control” fades out.

If you find your ears as enticed as ours were, be sure to grab Doja Cat’s PURRR! EP off iTunes.