Ohio possibly hasn’t seen brighter days sports wise since the Browns were fighting for the AFC Championship and the Cavaliers were doing their best to keep Michael Jordan from getting to the Finals. For Stalley, one of the rappers who rep the 330 to the absolute fullest, he feels the love and the glow that the Buckeye State is getting. Hence why on “Ball”, his brand new cut that pays tribute to Northeast Ohio’s current sports renaissance, he name drops Larry Nance, Kyrie Irving, Mark Price and more.

What makes “Ball” even more special is that he drives around the sports metaphors with precision, all powered by Rashad’s dabble in Ohio funk – sturdy drums, a repetitive and smokey “Ball” name drop to punctuate every Stalley sentence in the chorus and the ability to bring out the absolute best in the rapper. Honest Cowboy somehow came and went when it was released on this date a year ago, now the ITM rapper has his sights set on proving everybody wrong when his Atlantic/MMG debut drops later this year.