The opening lines of Lil Boosie’s “Crazy”, the ones that start off, “They say that I’m crazy…” don’t need to be translated any further. In the four minutes following that declaration, Lil Boosie speaks about pistol whupping someone for 40 minutes. Does that sound like a crazy person to you? Lil Boosie raps about possibly being on a Molly, is that crazy to you? (He did put one up a girl’s butt but that’s another story for another time.)

Lil Boosie has never really apologized for anything, except for maybe letting his fans down as he expressed on “Show Da World” but here it’s damn near high comedy. A yin and yang sort of explanatory prose for him where he outlines plenty of what people say about him with his own thoughts and reactions. Why he has so many baby mamas, keeping sane when facing the needle via his 2012 murder trial for which he was acquitted, there’s never just one story about Boosie that seems normal. Which if you know Lil Boosie is just the way he likes if.

UPDATE: Hours after the release of the track, here’s the brand new black and white visual directed by Motion Family. Touchdown 2 Cause Hell arrives on September 23rd.