“Jerry Jones is like pizza.”

That’s the argument made on local sports radio when these photos surfaced of the Dallas Cowboys owner pretty much playing grabby hands with a couple of hot coeds. He’s obviously drunk, this isn’t a shock to anybody who knows Jerry. There’s been enough stories of Jerry partying for the last twenty-five years that you could write a book on it all. Funny thing is, those chicks tried to blackmail good ol’ Jerry and he wasn’t having none of it. Jerry has been known on more than a few occasions to toss ’em back in public, famously dismissing Tim Tebow before he even stepped foot in the league in one of his few zen moments as a GM.

Then again, there was the alleged “Marvin’s Room” incident where a drunken Jones bumped into a table where Jimmy Johnson was and proceeded to tell reporters later, “anybody could coach the Cowboys to the Super Bowl”. Needless to say, the epic Cowboys dynasty that really could have been in the mid-90s if not for free agency and Johnson leaving imploded all because Jerry ran his mouth one too many times while not sober.


So thank Deadspin for this batch of added greatness to the legacy that is Jerral Wayne Jones.