For your Chicago pass to officially be stamped, you need to at least visit Harold’s Chicken at least once. Not just the chicken but the mild sauce as well. Freddie Gibbs knows plenty and the master of midwestboxframecadillacmuzik gives us that and then some for the “Harold’s” video off of Pinata. There’s a cameo from Big Time Watts in the video’s opening scene, more than plenty shots of the famous chicken joint that everyone with an affinity for the bird knows and just for added shits and giggles, a few strippers to round things out.

Gangsta Gibbs is riding the highs from Pinata. Already touted as one of the year’s best projects bar none, he’s enjoyed himself some time in Jamacia for a bit of vacation. Doesn’t mean he’ll stop anytime soon because once September rolls around, Freddie Gibbs is back to rooting for the Bears and knocking your favorite rapper out of your favorites list.