Friday night, Trinidad Jame$ revealed to the world via Twitter that he was dropped from Def Jam Records. In a rather sick way, people laughed. People rejoiced. People waved around flags and chants of “I Told You So”. For T. Jame$, he understood the ride way before he even inked his name on the contract.

If you recall, “All Gold Everything” arrived in 2012 with a sonic boom. It was repetitive, got people’s attention and had a surefire remix attached to it. People wanted Jame$ to follow up with something bigger, Def Jamt wanted at least a minor return on their investment besides what was created with “All Gold” and to a lesser extent Don’t Be S.A.F.E.. 10 Pc. Mild arrived last fall but with nary the same outright charm and newfound appeal. The signs for his downfall were already being written.

Jame$ hasn’t deterred from what makes him him though. He has always had the support of a few close friends, his mother and understood from jump that his ride would be just that, a ride. The shoes and clothes got flashier and louder thanks to the Def Jam deal I’m certain, he got a chance to be all over the country and can say he turned into a viral star all off of the phrase, “Popped a Molly, I’m sweatin’!” So on “Doin’ Me”, his first piece of recorded material since Def Jam terminated him, he sounds at peace with the entire thing.

What got Jame$ to the party was simply doing him. It’s what led to Def Jam forking over a large pile of cash his way, it’s what got plenty of people to go to his shows and made him a mini-rockstar around the first six months of 2013 as “All Gold Everything” was sort of inescapable. He raps on “Doin’ Me”, “I said that it’s a chance/That rapping won’t work/And that my first hit/Could be my last verse/The people that was cheering fo’ me/They won’t cheer no mo’/And the n*ggas that said they love me/They don’t care no mo’”

He’s right, things change when money evaporates. At least he knows he won’t have to go back to working at that boutique spot in Atlanta.

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