Chances are you knew this weekend at the box office was going to be about two things. One, how much money would ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ make as a film that centers around characters not really known by casual movie and comic book fans. Two, how much would Tate Taylor’s direction of the ‘Godfather Of Soul’ James Brown bring in considering it’s a) yet another biopic and b) a sign whether or not people will want to catch Oscar worthy performances in the middle of summer blockbuster season. Well, it doesn’t take much of a genius to realize that Guardians Of The Galaxy was going to make bank at the box office – record breaking bank at that.

‘Guardians’ took down every August record this past weekend, gobbling up $94 million over the last three days, including $37 million alone on Friday. The film surpassed the $27 million haul Denzel Washington & Mark Whalberg’s ‘2 Guns’ took last year at the exact same time (made three and a half times that actually) and beat out the $69 million take that the last Matt Damon starring ‘Borne’ movie did in 2007. What also helped ‘Guardians’ was flawless (no Beyoncé) reviews across the board and an A+ Cinemascore. ‘Guardians’ also placed itself as the third highest opening of the year behind ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ ($95 million) and ‘Transformers 4’ ($100 million).

Hell, combine that with its overseas cume and ‘Guardians’ is only $10 million short of making back its $170 million budget. Guess who’s swimming in piles of money and happiness right now? That’s right, Disney and Marvel Studios. So once more we now know that certain film studios know how to do mass marketing right and others well … others just do things ass backwards.


Get On Up, the James Brown biopic directed by Tate Taylor and starring Chadwick Boseman got rave reviews from us and opened up in 2,400 theaters across the country, nearly 1,600 less than Guardians. Opening with $14 million on a $30 million budget is one thing and is modest considering that Boseman’s last two films have basically been biopics (Jackie Robinson and now Brown). The sad part about it is that while the film played predominantly to African-Americans, it wasn’t a reason to simply watch James Brown on film and get to understand his mystique and complications as a man, it was a reminder of who he was.

It’s going to make stars out of Boseman even further and Nesan Ellis who played his right hand man Bobby Byrd. If Marvel wants to finally greenlight that Black Panther flick, you can already guess who’s going to be getting calls for it. Trust me, having Get On Up act as the counter-programming to Marvel’s latest juggernaut did the film zero favors in the box office but it’ll eek out a bit more money and acclaim later down the road.

As far as last week’s winners, ‘Lucy’ fell after its $44 million opening weekend to a modest $18 million and second place finish. ‘Hercules’, last week’s #2 fell down to fourth with $10 million. ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’, arguabuly the most pleasing movie of the summer until ‘Guardians’ arrived landed at fifth with $8.7 million and should cross the $200 million mark by the end of the week. For the indies (aka filcks Brandon will love watching any day of he week), Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final completed film ‘A Most Wanted Man’ earned $3.3 million and ‘Boyhood’ earned $2.2 million (on just 311 screens!) to get to a $7.57 million haul.

Next week, we’re dealing with Turtles. How much will ‘Ninja Turtles’ earn is beyond me, probably somewhere along $75 million just for nostalgia purposes.


H/T: Box Office Mojo | Forbes