New Jersey native see.francis has been receiving a great deal of attention since releasing his long awaited Fiat Lux project last last month. “Fiat lux” is typically translated from Latin as “let there be light”, which is quite fitting considering the contents of the mixtape.

Within the 8 tracks, see addresses everything from destructive love and self-actualization to drug addiction. Soulful and sometimes haunting production, supplied by THE VAMP as well as see.francis himself, complements the hard hitting lyricism without overpowering the message. Every track contains a story, including some that are uniquely personal, moments taken directly from history and even one that alludes to a biblical story (“Delilah”). There is a refreshing absence of cliche hip-hop scenario on “Fiat Lux” and it is virtually impossible to find an accurate comparison for the sound and feel of it. He even pays homage to the late Chad Butler on “Pimp See.”

Download and listen to see.francis’ “Fiat Lux” mixtape below.