OneHunnidt’s Summer Breeze mixtape comes as a giant precursor to Field Sobriety. That’s the skinniest sentence I could write about a project that has been talked about for months, had singles released and given presumptive release dates only to find have nothing materialize. That’s the thing about OneHunnidt, everything just seems to be meticulous. If one project isn’t finished, another one is started in the middle just to keep people busy and occupied.

That, is why we’re getting OneHunnidt’s Summer Breeze. We’re getting twelve tracks from OneHunnidt’s mental, curated by Slim K of the Chopstars, all the way from “Jealous, TX”, “Frenemies”, “The Break Down”, “No Flex Zone” and for Numbers Committee purposes, Bee Honey’s “Going Back To Cali”. It may seem like we’ve been discussing the guts of this mixtape forever but then again we’ve been sitting shotgun with so much material we have zero choice in stopping.

So here’s where we are – sitting back listening to Hunnidt along with Jodii B., Relli, Rob Gullatte and others at what he considers in his words, “a different pace”. Summer Breeze functions as a stop gap mixtape, a more than intriguing midpoint considering OneHunnidt’s first single finally cracked through radio airwaves earlier this week. There’s not too many times you can say timing is perfect but what’s a week’s wait for something you already had confidence in to begin with?