For the last couple of months, we’ve been locked in a trance thanks to King avriel. Vocally, songwriting, everything about her has gained plenty of attention from the likes of SPIN Magazine to these pages here. Thanks to DAZED magazine, the former Nickelodeon star (she voiced Timberly on Hey Arnold!) releases her thesis album.

Everyone immediately wants to draw Frank Ocean comparisons when it comes to certain singers and their apt ability to take smokey production and ambiguous lyrics, some autobiographical, some not but with avirel. When hearing the Los Angeles based singer its feels like everything just feels real. In her interview with DAZED she details how “180” is about her trials as a teenager, drama filled, destructive and redemptive. As a whole, thesis operates as a form of catharsis, release. avirel jokingly believes that if she writes Beyoncé’s next album she’ll somehow save the world but on her own, she’s a rather impressive force to behold.

“Judgment Day // Valley Idols” & “caricatures” were just two of the earliest indications of what thesis could sound like and the 11-track album toys around with various sentiments and emotional tugs and ebbs. There is no sense of secondary characters or outsiders playing roles in King avriel’s music, just her. When you’re writing about yourself and your own thoughts, there’s no greater sense of freedom. At least in avriel’s sense. Hear King avirel’s thesis album below.