Scarface - The Exit Plan

“You got to watch these n*ggas – they ain’t your homeboys, not these n*ggas”

Mere weeks after dropping his official return to the music, Scarface has gone ahead and given his “The Exit Plan” single, featuring Akon, a music video to match.

Director Michael Artis is behind the lens for “The Exit Plan’s” visuals, breathing life into Brother Mob’s lyrics where he spits hood proverbs and street gospel to the young gunners in the game. There’s an almost cinematic quality to it all, as ‘Face confronts two different young men much in the way Furious Styles gave straight talk to Tre’ in the movie Boyz N The Hood. And Akon’s absence in the video turns out to be more of a help than a hindrance, his haunting voice on the hook allowing him to serve as a ghost or apparition of sorts that plays the background to Scarface’s tale.