Friday night, Doeman finally released The Gold Blooded LP.

Well, softly. He held a release party at Urban Assault near the Southeast side of the city and was met with open arms from fans and admirers alike. There’s been a literal progression from him, one that separates him from the likes of a GT Garza and a Itz Dat Boi T even though they belong to Houston’s ever evolving Latino Rap contingent. It’s more geared towards the traditional sense of rap, bars and beats over flash, substance over everything else. It’s why certain tracks like the laid back and smoked out “Jodeci” with Propain get a reprise, why there are four separate suites for Doe to rip without restriction.

Clocking in at 17 tracks and just a shade under an hour in runtime, The Gold Blooded LP is out to make a star plain and simple. With only Maxo Kream arriving as the lone guest outside of Propain, it’s mostly a Doeman show from here on out. And you can preview all of it right here via Spotify.