RonCThis Wednesday, OG Ron C and the Chopstars will facilitate a clinic at the Supastar Spin Academy displaying their highly utilized “Chopped-Up not Slopped-Up” techniques.  They will go through the philosophy, history and skill sets.  Come out and support such a unique part of Houston’s culture and learn it from the best.  The Chopstars have slowed up most of the top artists in the industry, by request from Drake to you name it.

The art form which was popularized by the late DJ Screw slows down the song being played, which we in Houston affectionally call “Screw” named for the patron deejay saint.  Next step is the deejay would “chop”  the song at key points and repeat those and essentially create a new song at a much slower tempo.

The event will take place Wednesday, July 30th from 6-9pm at Supastar Spin Academy, 8369 Almeda Road, Suite P, Houston, TX 77054 .  For more information 713.470.9775.