In another case of rappers doing what rappers do by proclaiming they’re the best, Childish Gambino took to the stage in Australia over the weekend and called out Drake (not hard), Kendrick Lamar (sort of interesting) and ScHoolboy Q (wouldn’t put him in the top of anything just yet but alright).

He wouldn’t just beat them. Nope, he’d decapitate them, kill them. “This n*gga think he Drake. Nah, I ain’t Drake. I sing better, I do better, my sh*t’s wetter,” he opens up at the 0:21 mark. I’m not going to argue his claims here as he does craft some songs aimed towards females that may possibly ride better than one’s crafted by Aubrey Graham but don’t tell anybody.

‘Bino then gets into his full tirade to plenty of cheers here. “I’m the best rapper, definitely top five. If these other rappers think they’re, they’re fucking not alive. I cut their head off, that’s every rapper living. That’s Kendrick, that’s Drake, that’s ScHoolboy, that’s everyone. I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fucking kill you niggas. I’ll fucking kill you niggas.”

Well, thank Childish Gambino for doing what other rappers should be born with and that’s the ability to create a bit of buzz just by calling people out. At least Dan Harmon says he might come back to Community to finish that whole #SixSeasonsAndAMovie thing?