“Trigga Maxo” represents, what exactly?

Maxo Kream has made a short history of viral short videos, most of which featuring his Kream Clicc crew, an arsenal of weapons and plenty of tough talk that could have resembled any 50 Cent video circa 50 Cent Is The Future. “Trigga Maxo” acts in this mode of operandi, showing off Maxo literally trying to live up to the “Trigga Maxo” title by holding a high powered assault rifle for the majority of the OG Danny Ocean directed clip.

There’s plenty of lyrics that run around previous Kream topics, namely jacking people and being wild enough to aim at the driver side of the door as opposed to just the passenger and a few others. Yes, “Trigga Maxo” is the prelude to what we can expect on Maxo 187 and in short – it’s a prelude to nothing but plenty of stories and tall tales about hitting licks and victories in the eyes of death and defeat.