The inevitable finally occurred, Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin are about to share donuts together. Family Guy & The Simpsons are about to finally go where every Animation Domination fan has thought about and let’s the Griffin family get lost in Springfield.

The September 28th season premiere episode of Family Guy if you can imagine its plot already starts with Peter & Homer enjoying beer, becoming fast friends and pretty much watching their young sons Stewie and Bart play around and prank call Moe’s Tavern. Then, everything turns from sugar to shit as Peter and Homer duke it out all in the name of who’s beer is better: Pawtucket Ale or Duff Beer.

Fans at Comic-Con got the early sneak preview of the 28-minute collision of two worlds with a cameo from Bob from Bob’s Burgers. Now if we could only find a way to get everyone from FOX’s Sunday night shows into one super episode that would try to put South Park‘s “Simpsons Did It” episode to shame.