Four years ago, a little film called Hot Tub Time Machine took one of the more insanely smart premises in film and made a bunch of money off of it. Think of it as the Bill & Ted and bro-comedies. Now, there’s a sequel coming titled … wait for it … Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

Oh not much has changed for our heroes since they basically altered the universe in their favor four years ago. Rob Coddry is now calling himself The Father of the Internet, Craig Robinson is ripping off current hits that don’t exist and is making boat loads of money off of them and Clark Duke is Clark Duke. Only one problem, somebody goes and shoots Coddry in the dick with a shotgun and the crew instead of going back in time wind up going to the FUTURE which has Adam Scott, Jason James, Gillian Jacobs and even more people who will try and play a role in the guys saying Coddry’s life.

There’s no word if Lizzy Caplan or John Cusack will make guest appearances in discussing Coddry’s attempt to rescue his dick and his life but we’ll find out when the film’s released around Christmas. And if they really go ahead with the tease of going back to the American Revolution, sign me up for Hot Tub Time Machine 3.

Oh, this is the red band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, which differs from the usual red band trailer of all the foul language in that there’s nudity here. So watch at your own discretion.