Friday is an important date for Doeman. A few years ago he was plucky, a Chavez product with a rather famous brother who was an up and coming boxer, ready and willing to throw hands to protect his honor while rapping on the side. Now things are a bit different. He’s not just the kid brother to a knockout artist, Doeman is someone standing on his own two, looking more and more like the next Latin rap star out of Houston every day.

Friday is an important date for Doeman because his Gold Blooded album, one that arrives after March’s DYNA EP that felt like a project created on an empty stomach. There was hunger abound on DYNA, straight forward, no nonsense raps bookended by a lifestyle cut with Propain, “Jodeci”. Doeman has kept his profile relatively large since then, videos, random sporadic tracks and now a double shot of gold, a piano laden preview to the tape in “Prelude To Gold Blooded” and soul reaching to the heavens on the album’s opening track.

Friday is am important date for Doeman. You should know this by now.

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