DJ Mustard - 10 Summers_cover

“Since I made you wait all summer, I’m going to give it to you for FREE for the first 2 weeks !!!!!”

DJ Mustard’s debut album finally has a release date.

The DJ has all but permeated the airwaves since mid-2013, resulting in the upbeat West Coast sound dominating the charts and radio and artists from every region of hip-hop either grabbing Mustard or a Mustard sound-alike for their albums. DJ Mustard is not exactly a recording artist, but he did announce earlier this year that he was working on an album, slated to be entitled 10 Summers. 

DJ Mustard took to his Instagram earlier today to unveil that his 10 Summers LP would be touching down next month, on August 12th. Mustard is releasing the LP exclusively through the Google Play marketplace with a catch – for the first two weeks of release, you’ll be able to download 10 Summers in the marketplace for the low, low price of free.99. After the two-week period, the album will apparently revert to being available at retail price.

Guess this means we can expect an official single from 10 Summers before the week ends, if Mustard’s still in the giving mood.