Last week, word got out that Aaron McGruder re-upped on a contract with Adult Swim, which is perfectly fine. However, Adult Swim owed him that contract for how the last season of The Boondocks transpired, but I digress. Somehow, giving McGruder free reign over something leads to comedic gold (and controversy) and you can expect more of the same with his new show Black Jesus.

Much like the old YouTube sketches, Black Jesus has every little tic from ‘winenac’, haters, Charlie Murphy live in living color, John Witherspoon in living color, shootouts, non-believers, weed smoke, gardens and whatever else you can think of in regards to God’s son setting foot on the soil of Compton.

And yes, the trailer features recurring roles for Corey Holcomb, Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor and a few other noticeable faces. And Gerald “Slink” Johnson aka Lamar Davis from Grand Theft Auto V playing the Lord’s only begotten son. So be prepared to let love enter your hearts and watch the premiere of Black Jesus on August 7th at 11 PM EST on Adult Swim.