“Tell me why, tell me why…”

If you could chart the musical evolution of Wolfe de Mçhls then you’d have to visit the Ricquo Jones phase of his life and before then if you knew him long enough like I have then you’d remember he used to be a flat out rapper that bridged plenty of what he knew verbally by not only the South and those influences but masters of the verbal spar such as Beanie Sigel, Jay Z & Nas.

Now? Everything plays to melody, stretched out palates of hues, pianos and drums. It’s the kind of music that PARTYNEXTDOOR feeds off of, what The Weeknd shines upon and what Wolfe de Mçhls has been tinkering with as long as either of them have been at least been on the conscious. He’s made pop music, he already has one of the more dreamy records in recent memory with “Paper Moon” featuring Jack Freeman and “House Of Waves”, his latest is something new to add to the arsenal. As often as he darts out of the social scene in the city, the more people clamor for his music. He’s a vagabond, a precarious case of where talent is going to beat out everything else you may think about him.

“House Of Waves” swings like a great breakup record, a lot of exhaling about bullshit and wanting to get up and let go. It also serves as your reintroduction and reminder that sometime soon, Wolfe de Mçhls is going to release a new project – and you’re going to salivate over it.