“No one does the underdogs better then (sic) me.”

These were the words Sha Money XL, former G-Unit Records head honcho and current Executive Vice-President of A&R at Epic Records, posted on his Instagram, serving as a caption alongside an image of New York’s own Bobby Shmurda posted up on a boardroom table and taking aim.

In an age where a YouTube sensation can just as quickly break millions of views and catch the eyes of the record label looking to find the next big thing, it was only a matter of time before the young man who introduced us to the greatness that is the Schmoney Dance was scooped up by a major. Especially when the hottest couple in hip-hop cosigns you during their concert tour. Per Sha Money XL, the “deal is done” and Shmurda is now on-board the Epic Records imprint.

You can bet that Epic is already at work to repackage Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” single for it to be radio ready by the fall and for Shmurda to expand beyond social media. No word yet on whether Shmurda’s fellow GS9 cohorts will be invited on-board the brand alongside Bobby, but he’ll likely bring them with him. The hope at this point is Shmurda’s freshness is cultivated and that he doesn’t become hip-hop’s next one hit wonder.

It doesn’t hurt to have Sha Money XL on his side. You may recall the last “underdog” Sha Money helped propel into the spotlight – another New Yorker by the name of Curtis Jackson.