Rakim3 Last night Rakim Allah descended upon Houston for the second time in 2 years bringing the fury and scorching mics and mcs across the Houston landscape .In laymens term the God MC came back and put on a show for the ages.  From the jump when Holy Are You blared from the speakers you could see the crowd of old hip hop heads come alive taking control of the voice of the crowd in only ways a seasoned hip hop head could .Ra wasted no time knocking through hit after hit as animated as ever .Its one thing to step onstage spit and collect your check it’s another to take a song like “I know you got soul  ”  and rock the crowd like its the summer of 87.Ra rattled off classic after classic from his catalog without losing a step as a younger rap head whose main exposure to Ra was older cousins playing these cuts it was monumental to hear these tracks come to life right in front of you .Hearing” Don’t Sweat the Technique” ,”Lyrics Of Fury”, and “Microphone Fiend” live was like I heard them for the first time ever.  I nearly lost my shit when Paid In Full came on ,when the beat dropped you could feel time roll back young  ,old, black white and everybody in between caught the wave back to the essence on that joint. I damn near saw money fall from the ceiling ala Ace in Paid in Full. At that moment I could’ve sworn I had on a Dapper Dan Gucci fit to match my Adidas Conductors  at that moment.

For the Coup de grace Rakim performed” Juice (Know the Ledge) ”  in rapid succession the crowd went verse for verse matching the intensity of the R for the final song. I left the show with a huge appreciation for the work of Rakim and the other Artist of his generation they created some timeless music in an era full of economic strife, social issues  and were able to make music that folks generations and cultures apart could vibe to . Shoutouts to Lunaface Promotions for making this happen.


R crowd