The one aspect of football season that doesn’t unite us all? Satellite packages. If you’re a current DirecTV subscriber, you’ve been blessed with NFL Sunday Ticket for more than a decade now, the opportunity to catch every NFL game at your fingertips. Well now, finally, everyone else can get in on the action.

Today DirecTV debuted a splash page on their website, offering an internet based version of Sunday Ticket to work on mobile devices, tablets and consoles for $199. Here’s the catch. If you already have DirecTV or live in an area where you can easily sign up for it, you can’t get it, according to Forbes. However, functionality should deem pretty good for those who aren’t among the 2 million currently subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket via DirecTV. The move, along with their recent deal to pair with AT&T shows a lending hand towards the majority of Apple and Samsung devices outside of Apple TV.

DirecTV pays the NFL $1 billion for the rights to Sunday Ticket, they may get their money back and them some with this new deal.