While out in Las Vegas for the Board Of Governors meeting, Adam Silver commented on more than a few things according to Yahoo’s Marc Spears. An award show in Las Vegas to mirror that of the NFL’s Award Show the night before the Super Bowl and the NHL’s following the Stanley Cup Playoffs was one thing, another being the certainty that while the Los Angeles Clippers are still owned by Donald Sterling, he won’t be in that position come the start of next season. But the latest note may put you in over speculation mode.

He’s considering a mid-season tournament in Las Vegas.

With the increase in popularity with soccer clubs and the length of the NBA regular season, the move looks to be a promising step. Hopefully the tournament doesn’t have to deal with the best teams in the league already but Bill Simmons much mythicized “Entertaining As Hell” tournament that places the teams who won’t be in play for the 7th seed in the playoffs and instead duke it out for the 8th seed in a way to eliminate tanking and produce even more enjoyable basketball.

The other idea is pitting the teams with the best records against one another in a single elimination tournament. While that option seems like a mini-playoff, it begs the question – what happens if an injury occurs and hurts said team in a chase for their real goal, the NBA title? It’s an idea that the league is considering.