Damn you neck injuries.

Thanks to Amazon and some snooping WWE fan who ran to his Vimeo account, we now have a glimpse as to what will be the main event for SummerSlam this year. John Cena is going to defend the WWE Title (or WWE World Heavyweight Title depending on whether or not Ric Flair visits that pawn shop) against Brock Lesnar.

But Brandon, doesn’t this already give away what’s going to happen Sunday at Battleground? Right you are faithful reader. Well, did you expect anything less in regards to Cena overcoming the odds of three people who may or may not hate his guts and want to win the belt? Have we not learned anything from the last mid-summer fatal four way Cena had to deal with at Night Of Champions back in 2007? Okay fine, that’s just me going back on WWE events I’ve actually attended.

If you do recall, Cena and Lesnar have squared off before, way back when Cena won the #1 contendership for the WWE Title in 2003 at Backlash and then two years ago when Lesnar damn near murder-death-killed him in a match that was one of the best of the year. The only problem with that is simple – Cena won, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone with common sense. Now Lesnar is even more of a monster, somebody who last caused children and grown men to cry because he broke the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania.

Don’t believe me? Why else would this promo video exist?

It’s okay, in a perfect world The Authority would have put Lesnar on prime target to destroy Daniel Bryan. But you know, neck injuries.

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