In just a short time, the Shmurda movement and its subsequent #ShmurdaDance have reached all the way up to the biggest power couple in modern music.

I mean, let’s trace the path that New York-based rapper Bobby Shmurda took to get here. The kid has commanded attention ever since a 15-second snippet of his “Shmurda Dance” found its way onto Vine earlier this year and then began being set to various kinds of music. This, in turn, led people to track down the full video itself, which led them here, to Bobby Shmurda’s irresistibly infectious “Hot N*gga” single.

If you were still curious about Shmurda after that, then you likely did your research. You discovered that Shmurda was affiliated with The GS9 Squad, a Brooklyn rap group composed of Bobby, Rowdy Rebel, Hood, Abillion, and Dwagavelli. You may have opted to check out GS9’s complete mixtape Shmoney Shmurda Promo. You may even have read a few things about Shmurda’s takeover of the internet and how he’s on the way to snatching the chain Troy Ave believes he bears as “next” out of New York (Deen at Passion of the Weiss did a particularly good “brief history” of Shmurda).

But a co-sign never hurts.

Last night, during their “On The Run” tour stop in Miami, Florida’s MetLife Stadium, Jay-Z and Beyoncé both acknowledged and all but endorsed the rising star of Bobby Shmurda. Jay kicked things off, proudly inviting the crowd in the middle of one of his sets to “come Shmoney Dance with the Goodfellas!”

But it was Bey who took it a step further, incorporating the Shmoney Dance itself in her actual performance.

We’re not saying it’s Bobby Shmurda’s “Mama, I made it!” moment. But don’t be surprised if Shmurda is formally signed by next week.