TwentyEleven - DanceFloor (To The Sun)

TwentyEleven is on its way back.

That’s not to imply that the Houston mini-group broke up – they haven’t at all; they’ve just been under the radar – so much as that it’s been a little minute since we’ve seen them around these parts. TwentyEleven dropped off their 20Summers project last August and then went quietly back into booth. Nominated for Best Rap Group in the 2014 Houston Press Music Awards, the five-hit combo of Brad Gilmore, Tre’ Yancy, Corbin Dallas, DJ Motai and AVEleven have prided themselves on genre-bending ever since their inception, and they don’t look to be stopping that any time soon.

On “Dancefloor (To The Sun),” Twenty Eleven’s first proper release of 2014 and the first single from the group’s upcoming Second Sun EP, producer Ave flirts with the throwback pop sound of the 80s and tosses in a subtle piano and riding drums for good measure. It’s a four-minute love story, seemingly confined to a moment on the dance floor that stands for so much more when it comes to a girl who’s seized your attention. Listen closely and you might even find references to The Cosby Show and Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something.”

Stream “Dancefloor (To The Sun)” below and cop it off iTunes now. TwentyEleven’s Second Sun EP is coming later this year.