It looks as if Steve Rogers will be hanging up his shield and stepping down from the mantle of Captain America. Chris Evans is reportedly excepted to make 2017 or 2018’s third Avengers film his final appearance as Captain America.

If that wasn’t enough, Marvel Comics have already taking the Steve Rogers character out of the red white and blue uniform after extracting the Super Soldier Serum from Rogers reducing him to his rightful age. Not sure of the fate of the big screen Cap, but Captain America #25 hits stands in October.

Marvel has yet to dish on who will pick up the shield and dawn the new Captain America suit for this next chapter in the hero’s saga. There’s a high change that Marvel may be looking towards Captain America’s fellow Avenger Sam Wilson aka The Falcon. One of the very few Black super hero characters to remain relevant in the Marvel Universe, The Falcon is considered a “Legacy” character remaining in publication for 45 years now. Recently brought to live action by actor Anthony Mackie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, an image of artwork from an upcoming Avengers comic storyline, finds Wilson holding Cap’s shield.

Is it possible that Captain America is going back to black? Information was never clear, but there has always be a story underneath the Captain’s history that he was once was considered to be a black man. The story was given some truth in 2003 when Marvel release a series of comics titled “Truth: Red, White & Blue #1″. The story centered on a black Captain America by the name of Isaiah Bradley who was tested with the same formula that Steve Rogers was during World War 2. The story held similarities with the Tuskegee Experiments as Isaiah met a tragic ending.

What is the future of Captain America? This isn’t the first time Steve Rogers has stepped down as the Cap. After meeting his fatal end, his best friend Bucky aka The Winter Soldier took his place, Rogers would eventually make his way back to prominence continuing his reign as the Captain. Big screen wise, Marvel could actually head in that direction after introducing the Winter Soldier in Cap 2 portrayed by actor Sebastian Stan. Stan has signed on to nine Marvel films and could possible be in line to suit up and dawn the Captain America suit. The Falcon as Captain America in the comic would be the easiest transition to onscreen, which would most likely have die hard fans lash out with there was only one Captain America and he was/is white.