For almost half a century Sylvester Stallone has been delivering action pack classics that will stand the test of time. Who knows if that window may be coming to a close soon. With Expendables 3 fast approaching and the green light on one last Rambo, it would seem prudent for Stallone to leave at the top of his game in the action genre. Making the transition toward more dramatic roles if need be. If this is to be the last of the gun slinging, knife combat, “I am the Law,” genre that is Stallone why not throw in a gangster film to put the icing on the cake?

Stallone is teaming back up with Millennium Film for the gangster drama Scarpa. Rumored to begin filming early next year Stallone may portray Gregory Scarpa. For those that have no googled him after that last sentence, Scarpa was a former hit man for the mob, who claimed he killed more than 40 men before loosing his battle to AIDS during his incarceration in 1994.

He gained the alias “The Grim Reaper” disposing of enemies for the Colombo mob family. This isn’t Millennium’s first go around with this form of cinema. With their productions of The Iceman, and Kill The Irishman, looks like Scarpa is under a film company that has a great record when portraying this era of mob violence. Hopefully this will lead to Stallone showing the depth of his acting skills. Maybe Academy recognition? Lets not jump the gun to quickly, he still has a couple of films to make up for.