People knew Maleficent would make gobs of money for Disney. It would up adding $600 million to the Disney Bank, cashing out solely on nostalgia and its Wizard Of Oz mythology. Of course, it meant Hollywood needed to dig deeper into the Disney vault and bring beloved classics to live action. So who’s up next to make their live action debut?


Disney is reportedly bringing its most famous elephant back to the big screen. There’s no news yet about the film except that Transformers writer Ehren Kruger is working on the script and will try to make it family-friendly as possible. A clear deviation from the more “realistic fantasy” route Disney is on at this point. The studio has yet to announce whether or not the animation will go in the direction of a modern day remake for Dumbo, but I can imagine it will involve top CGI effects with Dumbo interacting with human characters.

There’s no time frame for the release of Dumbo, but given how long movies taken to even get out of the development stage, it’s safe to say we’re looking at 2016 at the earliest, probably even 2017.