Here’s something to note about Boston Georoge, the Houston goon turned rapper – everything about him feels expanded. Balloon like. It’s not just a car with him, it’s the yelling yellow Lamborghini that causes plenty of stares when it zooms by. It’s not a mixtape, it’s a heavy handed product with features from industry heavyweights like DJ Drama, Jeezy, Rick Ross and more. Drug War, his 2013 joint effort with Boo Rossini was the tape that broke him through for good, listing off an army of wound up tough talk bars with an assembly line of drug references, plug mentions and more. It was street in the glimmering lights and excess sort of way, the end result of getting it how you live and dodging every bullet imaginable.

George recruits both Drama & Mr. Rogers for Trappin’ In Traffic, his most ambitious tape yet just from sheer magnitude. Lil Lody handles the bulk of the production so there’s a hint of Atlanta’s trap and bombast lingering in the air as George keys up riding music like “Kilo”, “Greatness” with Ross & Slim Thug and more. He may never gain respect as a lyricist, but similar to that of Slim Thug – George’s charisma carries through any situation, even when he mumbled and groaned his way to radio success with “Strip Club”. Stream the Gangsta Grillz project in its entirety below and purchase it on iTunes.