Legacy in Houston rap is everything. You can centralize it to a movement or wax poetic as if it were one of those glowing lighting rods that everyone was drawn to. For better, never the worse, the Screwed Up Click was the first all out super crew that Houston rap legitimately paid attention to. The Geto Boys don’t factor into this nor do UGK because those were both groups. The SUC, which is held down these days by the likes of Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Dat Boi T and Mike D still remain viable, guardians of the sound and the craft of DJ Screw.

“Dedication” is an all out remembrance piece for one of Houston’s more tragically gifted crews. Mike D gets a hold of Kirko Bangz, Keke & Pokey for a jam session on wax. Thug Dirt & J. Craft provide the sonics for the foursome to pay proper respects to those who they were not only contemporaries of but forged life long bonds with.