Apparently even one of the most secretive United States agencies has a sense of humor.

Having officially “joined” Twitter on June 7, the U.S.’s Central Intelligence Agency decided to celebrate its “one-month twitterversary” by answering what it called “the top 5 questions” the Agency is most often asked about.

The result was either hilarious, slightly offensive, or trolltastic, depending on your perspective.

In addition to toying with its reputation for possessing the nation’s most closely-kept secrets and electronic information and inviting Ellen to take a selfie at the Agency office, the CIA’s final “trivia answer” was related to belated rapper-artist-entertainer Tupac Shakur. Guess what they had to say about him?

No, seriously. Yes, this is a real tweet.

What followed was the usual types of e-responses ranging from outrage, to slight laughter, to the most diehard of conspiracy theorists and controversy lovers hopping in the CIA’s mentions about the joke.

Just when you thought the world had finally accepted that Tupac was forreal forreal deceased and gone forever, this happens. Not to mention… nobody thought to take advantage of this and ask if Diddy orchestrated the hit on Big- nevermind.

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